Pig’s Stomach

Ingredient Name: Pig stomach, hog maw, pig maw

Traditional Chinese Name:豬肚 (Zhū dù)

What is this?

  • Literally the stomach of a pig
  • It is usually the inner lining/muscle of the stomach and if properly cleaned, contains no fat
  • It can be found in Chinese, Mexican, Italian and various other cuisines
  • It has a chewy property when cooked and usually absorbs the flavor of ingredients surrounding it
  • A pretty common soup meat in Chinese soups

How do I prepare it?

  • Rinse in warm water prior to use
  • In soups, it is recommended to blanch the stomach before adding to soup

Where can I buy this?

  • This is available in all wet marts in Hong Kong (although thorough cleaning is recommended)
  • You can sometimes buy this as prepackaged and pre-cut from Asian supermarkets

What is the cost

  • 200 g (as picture above) cost around $20 HKD

Any benefits?

  • Relatively lean portion of the pork (when properly cleaned) that contains minimal fat
  • Pork contains many nutrients (including 6 essential vitamins)
  • It is a good source of iron, zinc, Vitamin B6 and protein
  • It is said to be a healthier red meat substitute over beef

Any precautions?

  • Thoroughly cleaning recommended prior to use (blanching for soups)