Shanghai Talk Magazine Feature

We’re being featured in the April 2010 issue of “Shanghai Talk” Magazine in Shanghai!  The magazine is a local magazine that is produced for English readers in Shanghai and we’re featured in the HEALTH TALK section.  It’s pretty amazing how far reaching a soup movement like ours can get.  So far, we’ve grown to having 40,000+ pageview per month and a constant stream of requests and comments from our readers.

So, in short, thank you to our loyal readers and fans.  Without the support and readership, there would be no TheChineseSoupLady.Com.  In response to some of our readers’ comments, please do submit soups if you’d like to see it posted and we’ll credit you for it.

You can find the feature here –> “Chinese Soup Ladies” – hard copies on the way.

Thank you April, the editor of the magazine for taking the time to speak with us and write about it.  Thank you Debbie for the introduction.  Thank you for the continued support.