New milestone of 100K pageviews per month!

I just want to happily broadcast that is now enjoying (for the first time) over 100K (yes, one hundred thousand) pageviews per month with October 2011 being the first month and November steadily on target to go beyond that!

I’ve taken a screen shot of the statpress plugin for my blog from my admin panel and was thrilled to see the stats today while posting a new soup.  I don’t have that much time these days to religiously follow the statistics, but it is always a pleasant surprise to see the statistics improving steadily (in every way).  I am still crunching away at trying to get my cookbook published and am happy to update that I have signed with an agent in the US.  We will shortly be reaching out to publishers to cast my net and see where the voyage will take me.

In all honesty, I didn’t realize that with 1 single passion, some free time, and a load of perseverance, that I would be where I am today.  Thank you to my supporters and readers.  Thank you to my family for helping me realize my dreams (in this arena) and this is the start of a great journey yet to be completed!!  WAHOO!!