Ingredient Name:  Sichuan pepper or aniseed pepper or chinese pepper

Traditional Chinese Name:  花椒 (huājiāo)
What is this?
  • Sichuan pepper is the outer pod of a tiny fruit (with the seed discarded)
  • Despite the name, it is not related to black pepper or chili peppers
  • It is very aromatic, woody, slightly spicy and has very slighty lemony overtones
  • Sichuan pepper is typically used in combination with ginger and star anise and as a base for spicy foods

How do I prepare it?

  • These is no preparation required for this dried spice although you may lightly toast the sichuan peppers and grind them before use

Where can I buy this?

  • Sichuan peppers are a moderately priced spice and can be purchased in most Asian grocery stores and some Western supermarkets

Any substitutes?

  • Black pepper and red chili flakes (although they are a poor substitute)

Any benefits?

  • Some believe the sichuan pepper can be used for treating certain gastro-urinary disorders

Any precautions?

  • It has a numbing effect on the lips when eaten in large doses.