Soup Name:  Pork Bones with Lotus Root Soup
Traditional Chinese Name:  蓮藕湯 (lián ou tāng)
This is a hearty soup that can double as a meal.  The lotus root is very filling and is a good source of dietary fiber.  Since the soup is boiled for some time, the lotus roots will have absorbed all the goodness of the other ingredients (same as the pork bones) and serves as a delicious addition to the soup.

What Ingredients are required?

1 pound of fresh pork bones
2-3 whole lotus roots
5-6 pieces of dried scallop
3 large dried dates

How do I prepare it?

  1. Start boiling your water soup
  2. Optional:  You can marinate the pork bones with 1 tablespoon of salt an hour prior to boiling, but make sure you rinse the pork bones well with cool water
  3. In a separate pot, blanch the pork bones and strain it removing any dirt and debris from the blanching
  4. Add the pork bones to the boiling water of your soup
  5. Add the dried scallops, large dates and lotus roots to your soup
  6. Boil for at least 60-90 minutes on high heat.  The longer you boil it, the tastier the soup!

 Any benefits?

  • The lotus roots are a great source of dietary fiber and have plenty of vitamin C and B6

Any precautions?

  • The roots can contain dirt and potential parasites, make sure you clean it thoroughly and boil thoroughly before consumption