Ingredient Name: Ham (Fresh)

Traditional Chinese Name: 火腿(Huǒ tuǐ)

What is this?
  • The processed or cured thigh (or rump) of the pig
  • Ham is common to many cultures and is prepared differently in each culture
  • Also known as gammon in other parts of the world

How do I prepare it?

  • Can be used directly as purchased
  • Rinse in warm water (although not always necessary)
  • Most soups will slice or dice the ham before usage

Where can I buy this?

  • All supermarkets will carry

What is the cost?

  • Ham costs varies depending on the type of ham, but your average store bought ham costs around $2-3 CAD  for 5-6 slices
  • In Hong Kong, imported Ham costs around $30-40 HKD

Any benefits?

  • Pork contains many nutrients (including 6 essential vitamins)
  • It is a good source of iron, zinc, Vitamin B6 and protein
  • It is said to be a healthier red meat substitute over beef
  • Can be used immediately and directly in soup (or even as a garnish)

Any precautions?

  • Can be high in sodium as it is processed