Garlic (Fresh)

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Ingredient Name:

Fresh Garlic

Traditional Chinese Name:

蒜 (suàn)

Garlic is warm in nature and sweet to taste.


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I honestly think you really begin to appreciate garlic as you age.  I mean, that certainly is the case for me.   I mean, true garlic… yah sure, garlic bread itself is taste, but I mean garlic in it’s raw, true, and glorious form.

The Chinese don’t use garlic very often in soups actually.  It’s common in cooking and dishes and stews, but soups are almost non-existent.  I will, however, sometimes, use garlic in soups.  Part of it is a fusion blend, part of it is to yield the benefits garlic provide into the soup (for the kids, too), and part of it is because I love eating it regardless.  


Ingredient Name:  Fresh Garlic
Traditional Chinese Name: 蒜 (suàn)
What is this?
  • A pungent root that is often used for medicinal and culinary purposes
  • The edible bulb is made up of sections called cloves
  • Did you know that garlic is a part of the onion family?
  • Unbroken bulbs can be stored for up to 8 weeks in a cool, dry open container
  • Cloves can be stored for 3-10 days depending on weather and humidity, you can keep them in the fridge for endurance 

How do I prepare it?

  • If you are purchasing bulbs, you will need to extract the cloves from the bulb prior to usage
  • Some like to smash the cloves prior to cooking as it releases more flavour and is easier to disintegrate

Where can I buy this?

  • In any supermarket, they come prepackaged as bulbs or packaged in cloves (ready to serve style)

What is the cost?

  • You can purchase bulbs of garlic that are prepackaged for a few dollars CAD per package
  • Pre-packaged and disassembled bulbs (sold as packaged individual cloves) are more expensive

Any benefits?

  • Garlic is high in anti-oxidants, which help with kill free-raidcals in the body
  • It is also widely recognized in promoting the well-being of the heart and immune system and helps with blood circulation
  • It is also known to be a powerful and natural antibiotic

Any precautions?

  • Over consumption can lead irritation and damage to the digestive tract
  • Due to its pungent smell, garlic eaters often retain and even omit the smell of garlic when it is eaten in excess (this is due to garlic’s essential oils)

Garlic garlic yum yum yum.  It isn’t commonly used in Chinese soups, but I will sometimes put it in my stews for its health benefits and some zing.  I do use garlic like crazy in my baking and cooking.  The Chinese are a big fan of garlic for most of their dishes.