Ingredient Name:  Euryale Ferox, Fox Nuts, Foxnuts, Makhana, or Gorgon Plant
Traditional Chinese Name:  (qiàn shí )
What is this?
  • The white starchy seeds are produced from a flowering plant in the water lily family
  • The plant grows in water, with large, round leaves and purple flowers
  • Each flower pod contains around 8-12 seeds and grow in either hot, dry weather or cold winters
  • Euryale seeds are dry and powdery, round seeds, usually cut in half and chalky white on the inside, with a brown outer covering
  • The seeds can be eaten raw or cooked

How do I prepare it?

  • You MUST wash and soak the seeds prior to usage (this is because sulphur is used to process the seeds)
  • Since the seeds are relatively hard, some will soak it overnight

Where can I buy this?

  • You can purchase lotus seeds from either Asian supermarkets in packages, or from speciality stores in bulk

What is the cost?

  • A bag is relatively affordable, coming in at around $2.00 CAD / bag

Any benefits?

  • The euryale ferox is said to strengthen male potency and retard aging
  • It is a good source of starch containing healthy amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium

Any precautions?

  • It is recommend that you soak and was the seeds thoroughly as they contain traces of sulphur used during processing

My mom uses this seed very often in soups.   It is also a staple Chinese kitchen item to have in your kitchen.