They say that it’s dry in the fall. It’s only a prelude to how really dry it will can get in the winter, but already your body needs moisturizing and supplements.

Soups in this category are meant to:

  • Help transition the body from hot to cool
  • Help provide moisture and humidity back to the body
  • Help build the immune system in preparation for colder winter days
  • Bring some heat back into the body
Soups here are warmer in nature and help bridge that odd changing weather between summer and winter. Some days it gets colder, some days it gets hotter. For me, it’s a rather nice season in Hong Kong where it’s not scorching hot, but cool enough that it’s comfortable. Enjoy and send me your fabulous family recipes!


Some ingredients suitable for Fall:

Night Blooming Cereus – Helps remove pathological fire that is created during the hot summer to help transition the body into fall

Bellflower Root – Great to moisturize and nourish lungs (especially as it becomes dry)

Lu Gen or Reed Rhizome – Helps relieve dry throats and quenches thirst (which can often happen during autumn and winter months)

Luo Han Guo – Helps moisten the lungs, relieve coughs and quenches thirst

Dried loquat leaves – Helps moisturize the throat and great for sore and dry throats

Arrowroot – helps bring moisture back to the body


Great soups for the Fall:

Night Blooming Cereus and Figs in Pork Broth
Fresh Snow Pears in Chicken Soup with Snow Fungus
Lung Moisturizing Tea
Luo Han Guo in Watercress Soup
Autumn Drink with Dragon’s Tongue Leaf and Luo Han Guo
Loquat Soup (For The Lungs)
Vegetarian Arrowroot and Corn Soup