Soup Name: Arrowroot and Water Chestnuts Vegetarian Soup

Traditional Chinese Name: 馬蹄粉葛湯 (mǎtí fěn gé tāng)


This soup is great for heated bodies and sore throats.  It is mildly cooling, but extremely soothing with it’s sweet taste and smoothness.  Since it’s meat free, it’s completely oil free and by adding more carrots, you can sweeten it to the point where you can consider drinking it cold (definitely tasted amazing cold because it really helped cool my poor, fiery throat).  You can consider adding other ingredients as well, such as corn, onions, pumpkin or even meats (pork, chicken or fish are all good meats to “salty” up the soup).

What ingredients are required?

1 arrowroot, peeled & sliced
10-15 fresh water chestnuts
2 fresh carrots, cut into large pieces
1 peel of dried tangerine peel
3 large dried dates
2 L of water

How do I prepare it?

  1. Peel and cut arrowroot into large cubes
  2. Wash & peel water chestnuts
  3. Wash, peel and cut carrots into large cubes
  4. Wash and prepare dried tangerine peel (by scraping it with a flat knife on both sides)
  5. Boil your soup water and when it boils, add all the ingredients together
  6. Boil on high for thirty minutes and reduce to medium boil for another hour
  7. Serve and enjoy!
  8. Can be served cold, so you can refrigerate before serving

Any benefits?

  • Helps eliminate sore throats and heaty bodies
  • It is a mildly cooling soup
  • It’s quite diverse in that you can add meats (to make it more salty or just add salt in moderation) or keep it a sweet, cold drink and refrigerate prior to consumption
  • Excellent for young children

Any precautions?

  • Pregnant women in their first trimester or menstruating should take caution as it is mildly cooling
  • Avoid if coughing (as mildly cooling ingredients may further aggravate your cough)