Ingredient Name: Chinese Angelica Root

Chinese Name: 當歸 (dāng guī)

What is this?
  • Also known as Dong Quai, Tang-Kuei or “female ginseng”, the chinese angelica root is a very popular herb used in chinese medicine and is highly revered, second only to ginseng root
  • The herb, which is indigenous to China, is typically used to treat gynecological ailments, fatigue, mild anemia and high blood pressure
  • Women who suffer menstrual ailments or menopause are often given chinese angelica root to relieve symptoms
  • The root is also considered an aphrodisiac
  • The taste is sweet, warm, pungent and slightly bitter

How do I prepare it?

  • Soak in water for several minutes and rinse before using

Where can I buy this?

  • Chinese angelica root can be purchased at all Chinese dried herb shops
  • In the above photo, the angelica roots are shown as whole roots.  It is also possible to buy sliced angelica root for use in soups

What is the cost?

  • 1 pound of dried angelica root costs approximately $15 CAD

Any benefits?

  • The Angelica Root is used to nourish the blood (blood tonic) and is believed to help invigorate blood circulation.
  • It can strenghten the liver, heart, and spleen and is also a uterine tonic, effective against menstrual disorders.
  • It is widely used in confinement soups and recipes to treat postpartum women
  • The root is also used to treat common colds as an expectorant
  • Chinese angelica root is one of the few good non-animal sources of Vitamin B12

Any precautions?

  • Pregnant women should not use angelica root
  • Consuming large doses may lead to sensitivity to sunlight



Sliced Angelica Root