Rice Beans

Ingredient Name: Rice beans, rice bean, vigna umbellata, ricebean,

Traditional Chinese Name: 飯豆 (fàn dòu) or 赤小豆 (Chì xiǎo dòu)

What is this?
  • The small edible beans of a warm season annual vine that has yellow flowers that is commonly grown in India and Nepal, but also now extending to China
  • Easily grown as they grow in most conditions and any soil, is pest resistant and often used to produce animal fodder and high quality grain
  • Rice bean is used in soups, sauces as whole or sometimes ground as flour to be fried or used in snacks
  • The beans are small and narrow in length and quite hard and usually dark red or brown in color

How do I prepare it?

  • Rinse well in warm water
  • If used in soups, soaking is not needed

Where can I buy this?

  • Wet marts in Hong Kong will carry this
  • Also sometimes available in your local herbalist

What is the cost?

  • 20 g cost around $5 HKD

Any benefits?

  • Helps in conditions of the eyes (red eyes)
  • Good source of protein

Any precautions?

  • A cause of flatulence
  • There is not much scientific study in this type of bean, so there is not much information or impact of this product (as compared to azuki bean or other popular Asian beans)

Any additional information?

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Can store up to 6 months in a seal container