Chinese Soups For The Summer!


It’s almost peaking into the hot, stuffy season of summer in Hong Kong and like most Asian countries (by the ocean), it becomes undeniably hot and sometimes humid.

Soups in this category are meant to:

  • Help transition the body from warm to hot
  • Help reduce the internal body temperature and cool it down
  • Help bring moisture to the body and keep it hydrated (from all that sweating and searing heat)
  • Relieve heatiness or conditions from heatiness such as: dry mouths, canker and cold sores, pimples or breakouts
Soups here are cooler in nature and help bridge that odd changing weather between spring and summer, but also provides intense satisfaction when drank in the broil of Hong Kong heat. Take caution for people that can’t take too much “cool” ingredients that are either conditional (such as first trimester of pregnancy or during¬†menstruation) or naturally can’t take it too cooling. I’ve noticed that if the “cool” mix isn’t right, I will get headaches and dizziness.
Enjoy and send me your fabulous family recipes!


Some ingredients suitable for Fall:

wintermelon¬†– This is a key ingredient that vendors will sell during the “hottest” days of the summer. This extremely cooling melon is a slightly sweet and refreshing soup veggie.

watercress – Another “cooling” ingredient, this crisp vegetable can be boiled the old fire way, or in a quick fire, keeping the leaves crispy and fresh.

dried bok choy – This is a highly cooling ingredient and very tasty when made in soup. Be sure to rinse as it usually contains lots of little bugs.

fresh bok choy – Another “cooking” ingredient. Similar to watercress, you can take the old fire route or quick fire route. Deliciously sweet and refreshing.

bitter melon – An ultimate “cooling” melon, this diverse melon is really an acquired taste.

ginseng – any type (Korean of Chinese) is a cooling ingredient and can be made with soups or teas.


Great soups for the Summer:

Cooling Wintermelon Soup
Watercress and Chestnuts in Roasted Pork Soup
Bitter Melon and Crab Meat Stew
Sugar Cane and Imperatae Drink
American Ginseng Heat Reducing Soup
Heat Clearing Herbal Tea