Pig’s Lungs

Ingredient Name:  Pig’s Lungs
Traditional Chinese Name: 豬肺 (zhū fèi)

A unique and interesting part of the pig, it’s not commonly found in western supermarkets.  It is extremely common in Asian countries and used in soups and dishes.  Whenever you get a chance to experience, work with or cook pork lungs, it’s really an experience.  We bought 2 full sets of lungs (which weighed a staggering 20 pounds after the vendor pumped water through it) and it took up the whole sink in its full size, however, after you cook it – it shrinks into little bits that aren’t quite as scary to manage.

 How do I prepare it?

  1. Pipe water into the pork lungs to wash it (may have to do this several times).  The lungs blow up to rather large pieces of meat (see above photo)
  2. Squeeze dry (if possible)
  3. Cut into small pieces
  4. Heat up a wok without oil and add a few ginger slices
  5. Put in pork lung pieces until water is released from lung pieces (they should shrink considerably)
  6. Rinse in warm water after frying and set aside


Where can I buy this?

  • All pork vendors in Hong Kong should carry this
  • It is not commonly found in North American supermarkets, but are probably available in Asian supermarkets  (just ask the meat vendors)

What is the cost?

  • 1 set of 2 lungs cost around $20 HKD each

Any benefits?

  • Pork lung is a nutritous offal that doesn’t have high saturated fats or cholesterol
  • Great for bringing air to ones lungs and nourishing lungs

Any precautions?

  • Must be thoroughly cleaned and pumped before usage
  • Caution must be taken for gout sufferers as any offal may worsen gout


Photo:  Pork lungs relative to the size of my sink