Red Dates Longan Chinese Herbal Tea

Red Dates Longan Chinese Herbal Tea

The easiest of #teas to make at home to help promote blood flow, strengthen the #heart, and promote sleep. This #Chinese #herbal tea is best drank before bedtime, after #dinner. I simply used 6 dried #longans, 2 dried red #dates, and a handful of dried #wolfberries. It is a slightly #warming tea and allows for good circulation of #qi. This #drink is ideal for people who do not get enough rest, are overworked, women who have recently given birth, and people who have deficiencies in qi and blood. Remove the seeds from the red dates (as they seeds are known to be heaty in a bad way), steep everything for 5 minutes in hot (boiling) water, and enjoy!

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You can find the video of how to make this here:



Apple Chinese Herbal Tea (For Coughs)

Apple Chinese Herbal Tea (For Coughs)

Apple Chinese Herbal Tea (For Coughs)

Soup Name

Apple Chinese Herbal Tea (For Coughs)

Traditional Chinese Name:  

蘋果止咳茶 (píng guǒ zhǐ ké chá)


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When a virus, cold, or flu has you down, my go to hot drink is usually a Chinese Herbal tea that addresses my illness.  Lately, I have been tackling yet another virus strain that has left me with a cough and my Chinese Herbalist recommended this easy, smooth, vitamin C packed Chinese tea to address my cough and heal my lungs.

It’s a tea because I don’t use meats or bones, but I don’t actually put any tea leaves in it.  The key ingredient is the dried seabed coconut (which is a lung healer and addresses coughs).  Also throw in some dried snow pears, dried apricot kernals (north and south), dried lily bulbs, dried tangerine peel, sugared dates, and fresh apples.

What’s involved?

Prep time: 30 mins

Cook time: 2 hours

Total time: 2 hours 30 mins

Serves: 2 cups


According to my Chinese doctor, apples are the only fruit I can consume while with a cough, cold, virus, or flu.  They are the most neutral of fruits.   In a ceramic pot, boil your water (4 cups worth, which will reduce to 2 cups).  When the water boils, add all the ingredients together and cover.  Boil on medium for 2 hours until it reduces and the apples become soft.


In the end, you’re left with a slightly tart, slightly sweet, but very smooth and rich tea.  You can even eat the apples!  For those who don’t like the stuff floating around, you can strain the tea through a thin strainer as bits of apples may be dissolved into the tea (also very yummy!).

Cooking Instructions

  1. Boil your water in a ceramic pot
  2. Half your apples, keeping the skin on (so they don’t completely disintegrate into the tea)
  3. When your water boils, add all the ingredients in together
  4. Boil on medium for 2 hours
  5. Let cool, serve and enjoy!
  6. Or follow along in the video

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Ladies’ Monthly Tea

Soup Name: Ladies’ Monthly Tea

Traditional Chinese Name: 女性恩物湯 (nǚ xìng ēn wù tāng)


My herbalist recommended this “special ladies’ drink” or tea because I complained about an irregular period and serious cramps (almost death like).  He’s suggested to make this drink in small portions, once a month and drink one cup a few days before my expected start days to help relieve the cramping, calm the body, and eliminate the wetness and then one more cup after the end of the period.  Drink this for about 3 months and then see what happens.  This is probably one of the more medicinal drinks I have posted and made and to be honest, it smells and tastes as bad as it looks.  It’s quite bitter (and he did say to absolutely not add sugar – as it’s not needed) and has a very unique aftertaste.  Did it work?  I can’t say because this is the second month I’ve drank it.  However, all the ingredients suggested are “warm” and individual ingredients do target areas in the stomach, spleen, and intestines.  I will save my mixed thoughts on Chinese medicine for a rainy day post, however, my herbalist did say that he has regular customers who do buy, make and drink this (women customers) and they have found it effective.  It’s not overly potent for an adult and doesn’t take too much effort to make.

What ingredients are required?

15g dried Chinese foxglove root
10g dried angelica root slices
15 g dried chuanxiong
20g dried fu ling or tuckahoe
15g dried atractylodes or bai zhu
10g fried dried licorice root
5g dried white peony root
10g dried blue dates
4 cups of water

How do I prepare it?

  1. Soak all ingredients in warm water for ten minutes
  2. In a pot of 1.5 cups of boiling water, throw all the ingredients in together and cover
  3. Boil for an hour (while keeping it covered)
  4. This should make about 1 cups worth (for you and only you!)
  5. Serve warm and enjoy (as it is not recommended during menstruation cycles to drink cold things)

Any benefits?

  • This soup is meant and created for women to help relieve cramping, eliminate wetness and calm the body
  • It is a warming tea and should be drank warm (or hot)
  • Reduces the deficiency in qi and blood (similar to post partem symptoms)

Any precautions?

  • This drink is packed with Chinese medicine and herbs, so take with caution
  • Not recommended for children (as some of the herbs can be quite potent)
  • It is not the tastiest drink in the world
  • Be sure to purchase all Chinese medicine from a reputable source
  • These drinks are meant to be supplements and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice

Any other information?

  • I bought this prepackaged and 1 pack cost $22 HKD
  • Ask your local herbalist or vendor to “make” the pack for you rather than buy it separately (they usually know what to put in it, more or less, pending your body’s condition)