Fish Paste and Lettuce Soup

Soup Name: Fish paste and Lettuce Soup

Traditional Chinese Name: 生菜魚片湯 (sheng cai yú piàn tāng)


A simple and quick boil soup that can be made in about 30 minutes.  It’s delicious with tasty ingredients that satisfies the soup craving.  There are a variety of ways to make the fish paste and bring variety to your quick boil soup.


3 heads of Chinese lettuce
2 pounds of Fish paste
salt to taste (optional)
ground white pepper to taste (optional)
2-3 L of water

How do I prepare it

  1. Prepare your fish paste by adding some salt & white pepper (add a small amount first, you can always add more)
  2. In a pan, fry your fish paste flat (flip over when cooked)
  3. When fully cooked, cook and slice into edible slices or cubes
  4. Wash and dice lettuce in thin, long strips
  5. Boil your soup water and when it boils, add all the ingredients together
  6. Boil on high for 30 minutes
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Any benefits?

  • Easy to make and delicious
  • Quick soup that requires little preparation
  • Excellent source of protein and fibre

Any precautions?

  • Make sure fish paste is thorough cooked before usage

Fish Paste

Ingredient Name: Fish paste

Traditional Chinese Name: 魚片 (yú piàn)

What is this?
  • A common Chinese ingredient composed of ground fish (usually 鯉魚 (wan yú) in breed), green onions and salt
  • Often used in dim sum, fried dishes, hot pot, soups and stews

How do I prepare it?

  • Often usable as purchased

Where can I buy this?

  • Available in Hong Kong wet marts (at fish, tofu or seafood vendors) – customized amount
  • Can be purchased in supermarkets as prepackaged amounts

What is the cost?

  • Amount pictured above cost $20 HKD

Any benefits?

  • Excellent source of non-fat protein
  • Extremely flavorful when added to soups of stews

Any precautions?

  • Ensure it is thoroughly cooked before consumption (ie: in boiling soup or high heat)

Any additional information?

  • Store in  refrigerated environment for up to 3 months