Chinese Radish and Chicken Soup

With winter well on it’s way, I can’t think of a better way to warm up after returning home from the cool outdoors than by drinking a warm Chinese soup — it will warm you from the inside out.

This one is relatively easy to make, is great for children and may be helpful as we are well into cold & flu seasons as there are mild benefits that may be helpful. The chicken soup base provides a nutritious base, while the apricot kernels help with phlegm expulsion (for those pesky coughs). In addition, the wolfberries are high in antioxidants, irons and vitamin A and C. The carrots and Chinese radish add sweetness and, if you eat them (which we hope you do!) are deliciously filling, too.

Hope you enjoy this soup and bundle up!

Soup Name: Chinese Radish and Chicken Soup

Traditional Chinese Soup Name: 青紅蘿蔔雞湯 (qing hóng luóbo ji tāng)

Chinese Radish and Chicken Soup
Recipe Type: Soup
Cuisine: Chinese
Author: LadyTong
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6 bowls
  • 1 whole [url href=””]chicken[/url]
  • 2 [url href=””]chinese radish[/url]
  • 3 [url href=””]carrots[/url]
  • A tablespoon of [url href=””]wolfberries[/url]
  • A tablespoon of [url href=””]apricot kernels[/url]
  • 2 litres of water
  • Salt to taste
  1. Prepare the chicken
  2. Soak the wolfberries and apricot kernels in room temperature water
  3. Start boiling the water.
  4. Cut the carrots and Chinese radish into pieces (if serving children, chop into bite-sized cubes)
  5. When the water boils, combine all ingredients
  6. Bring to a full boil
  7. Boil on medium heat for at least 1.5 hours
  8. Serve and enjoy!


White Radish

Ingredient Name: White radish, radish, oriental radish, Japanese radish, daikon

Chinese Name: 白蘿蔔 (bái luóbo)

One of my favorite roots to eat of all time!  Both cooked (in soups, stews, dishes, dim sum) and raw ( as the Japanese appetizers).  This type of root absorbs the flavor of whatever ingredients you use to marinate or cook it in and it has a very particular and unique taste that almost borders slightly bitter, but not quite.

What is this?
  • Mildly flavoured and pale coloured radish
  • It is often found in East Asian dishes (such as soups and stews)
  • They can be found in various colours such as green or white and variations in between
  • Their sizes vary and can grow to be 8-14 inches in length
  • Different varieties of the Chinese radish can come in various shapes as well depending how they are grown and where they come from

How do I prepare it?

  • Wash thoroughly in cool water
  • Peel skin prior to use as the skin is tougher than regular carrots

Where can I buy this?

  • Available in fresh marts in Hong Kong
  • Also available in supermarkets

What is the cost?

  • Radishes are relatively affordable

Any benefits?

  • White radishes aid in digestion
  • Low in saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Excellent food for weight loss

Any precautions?

  • It is considered a cooling food
  • Not ideal to be consumed if you have a cough or cold
  • Pregnant women and those menstruating should take caution as it may cause contractions if consumed in great amounts

Any additional information?

  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • You will know that the radish has gone bad when the texture is no longer firm to the touch
  • They generally store for up to a week

Boiled White Radish (for use with stew)

Chinese Radish with Carrots in Pork Broth

Soup Name:  
Chinese Radish with Carrots in Pork Broth
Traditional Chinese Name: 青紅蘿蔔湯 (qing hóng luóbo tāng)


This is a very common soup made in Chinese households.  The combination of Chinese radish and carrots makes the soup very sweet and the Chinese radish has a particular taste when boiled (especially green ones).  With its minimalist ingredient list, it is ideal for children.

What Ingredients are required?

2-3 litres of water
1 tsp of salt to marinate your meat (optional)

How do I prepare it?


  1. Pre-marinate the pork bones overnight with the salt (although this step is not necessary)


  2. Start boiling your water soup
  3. In a separate pot, blanch the pork shank and strain it to remove any dirt and debris from the blanching
  4. Wash all the vegetables
  5. Peel and cut into large cubes the carrots and Chinese radishes
  6. Add everything into the boiling water of your soup
  7. Boil together for at least 30 minutes and then can reduce to a mild simmer for another 1-2 hours.

 Any benefits?

  • Excellent low calorie soup with high dietary fiber.
  • It is mild enough for children and extremely easy to make.
  • Great to assist with digestion and upset stomach.

Any precautions?

  • Chinese radishes are a cooling food and pregnant women should consume with caution.
  • It is not ideal for people with coughs or colds.