Ingredient Name: Red Lingzhi, Lingzhi, Lucid Ganoderma

Traditional Chinese Name: 靈芝 (Língzhī)

What is this?

  • A type of mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) that is harvested and dried
  • Commonly found in Asia and known as a medicinal mushroom in Chinese medicine
  • Mushroom has a kidney shaped cap that is spongy and soft to the feel when fresh and has different varieties have different colors (Red/brown, purple, green, white, yellow, black)
  • Each different type of color affects a certain part of the body
  • Naturally bitter in taste
  • It is also used in western medicine in health supplements that aid in anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue

How do I prepare it?

  • For soups, soak and wash in warm water before usage
  • Since it is a relatively bitter component, do not use too much in soups (4-5 slices are sufficient)

Where can I buy this?

  • Available in most herbalist and specialist stores (dried sliced or whole mushrooms)
  • Not common in supermarkets (even Asian ones)

What is the cost?

  • Price range varies for different colours and species
  • Can be affordable or very expensive

Any benefits?

  • The red type used is beneficial to the lungs (cough, asthma, shortness of breath) and heart
  • Improve liver health and lower bad cholesterol
  • Considered an effective anti-oxidant and anti-cancer
  • There are numerous articles and reading all over the web regarding the benefits of lingzi

Any precautions?

  • Take caution when purchasing and be sure you’re buying from a reputable source (there are many fakes on the market)
  • I would limit exposure to children below 2 years to a minimum as lingzhi can be a potent ingredient when taken in great amounts and there are no known effects to children (either good or bad)