Ingredient Name:  Pork Bones (Fresh)
Traditional Chinese Name:  豬骨 (zhū gǔ)
What is this?
  • Pork bones can be extracted from any part of the pig
  • They usually come with some meat attached

How do I prepare it?

  • When store bought, it is usually already cut into pieces
  • Wash with cold water first and then boil before usage
  • Boiling it will remove excess dirt, broken bone pieces, and undesired fat

Where can I buy this?

  • You can buy this in any supermarket
  • In Asian supermarkets, you can purchase them by weight and request the size of cut you want

What is the cost?

  • Pork bones are very affordable
  • They cost around $0.50 – $0.75 CAD / pound

Any benefits?

  • Pork contains many nutrients (including 6 essential vitamins)
  • It is a good source of iron, zinc, Vitamin B6 and protein
  • It is said to be a healthier red meat substitute over beef

Any precautions?

  • Pork must be cooked thoroughly before consumption as there is still a potential risk of salmonella
  • Consumption of meat must be done in moderation

Pork is the primary type of meat that is used in soups Chinese soups.  It is actually used widely in Chinese cooking.   The pork meat is sometimes taken out of the soup and eaten with soya sauce as a dish.  It’s rather tasty and I enjoy eating the pork from the soup most of the time – especially pork marrow bones (see picture below).