Dish Name: Macaroni with Fish and Lobster Balls in Fish Broth


Using the broth and ingredients of my “Pumpkin, Corn and Chinese Yam in Fish Soup“, we boiled macaroni and various “balls” (regular fish balls, deep fried fish balls, star fish balls, lobster balls, and exploding fish egg balls) and served up lunch. The great thing with making soup in the early morning is that you can serve it at lunch (in disguise) and dinner. I separate the lunch soup into a separate pot and add the “ball” ingredients (because that really makes it more salty) and I like keeping the dinner soup more natural (or “ching” in Cantonese).


What Ingredients are required?

Serve 4-5 people

1 L any soup base in the soup repetoire (use the less herbal ones)
20 “balls” of any type of fish, beef, lobster balls
3 cups of any type of noodles or macaroni
How do I prepare it?

  1. Boil your water to cook either macaroni or noodles
  2. Add 1 tsp of salt
  3. Add in macaroni and noodles and boil until soft (or desired softness)
  4. Rinse under cool water and set aside
  5. After your soup is boiled, take about 1L and put in a separate pot
  6. Add all the balls and boil on high heat for 10 mins
  7. Add macaroni or noodles to a bowl and scoop out as much soup and balls as desired
  8. Serve and enjoy!

Any benefits?

  • This soup serves as a great base for noodles or macaroni
  • It is very low in fat
  • A neutral soup that is ideal for the whole family
  • All the ingredients can be consumed

Any precautions?

  • Be careful of bones on the fish fillet if eating as a meal
  • The “balls” are usually salty in nature, so be sure to taste the soup first before adding salt
An assortment of “balls” for noodles and macaroni
Note: I bought the above assortment of balls from my wet mart and it cost around $50 HKD. The lobster balls were the most expensive, but some fish balls (esp the ones that come fresh and clumped together) can also be expensive.