Here is something I want to share with my readers as well since it’s a foodie blog. It’s not your typical soup fare, but still edible.

My children LOVE sushi. It’s because 1. we’re in ASIA, 2. they attend an international + Japanese kindergarten and 3. they like the sweet/vinegar rice and seaweed. My youngest daughter is actually a HUGE fan of the sweet botan shrimp (eaten raw) and has been since she was a wee girl of 2.

So as a nice surprise, I make some happy sushi art to brighten their day.

Ingredients used above:

  • Japanese rice
  • Sushi vinegar
  • Sushi seaweed
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Sausages

This one is pretty easy. Some of our research on google yields some crazy-looking sushi art. In due time, I’ll figure it out, but for now, we’ll stick to the basics.