Ingredient Name:  Glass noodles, Bean vermicelli, Bean threads, cellophane noodles, green bean vermicelli, crystal noodles or other variations

Traditional Chinese Name: 粉絲 (fěn sī )

What is this?

  • Bean vermicelli is a type of noodle product made from starches (usually mung or green bean)
  • It’s white and transparent and hard in texture because it is often sold as a dried product
  • Glass noodles are in various dishes, soups, stews, or appetizers and come in various shapes, sizes and lengths
  • Different from rice vermicelli as this one is made usually from beans and not rice

How do I prepare it?

  • Prior to use, rinse in warm water and soak completely in water for 2 hours

Where can I buy this?

  • This is available in most Asian supermarkets as prepackages
  • Western supermarkets are also sometimes known to carry this item

What is the cost

  • Very cheap.  3 packs cost $5 HKD.
  • A pack is pictured above

Any benefits?

  • Excellent source of fiber and contains minimal fat and sodium
  • An extremely versitile produce that is easy to use and cook with

Any precautions?

  • Be sure you’re purchasing genuine bean vermicelli
  • It is known that some manufacturers use corn starch to produce this to reduce cost (and can contain lead or bleaches)
  • Caution for people who have gout as high in bean content products can irritate gout symptoms