Soup Name:  Dried Beancurd and Ginkgo Nuts Dessert
Traditional Chinese Name: 白果腐竹糖水 (bái guǒ fǔ zhú táng shuǐ)

This is a great hot “sweet”, otherwise known as a dessert that is said to help with the complexion and smoothness of your skin.  I especially like the gingko bilobas and the texture of the dried bean curd.  It’s a very common Chinese dessert and is super easy to make.

What Ingredients are required?

15-20 fresh gingko bilobas
2 sheets of dried bean curd
1 piece of rock sugar
1 raw egg (optional)
1 L of cold water

How do I prepare it?

  1. Start boiling water
  2. Wash dried bean curd in warm water, break up into large pieces to fit into pot
  3. Wash gingko biloba
  4. When water boils, add gingko bilobas and rock sugar (as much or as little as desired)
  5. (Optional egg) – crack whole into water
  6. Boil for 30 minutes and serve!

Any benefits?

  • Excellent for nourishing the skin and complexion
  • Great source of protein

Any precautions?

  • People with gout should eat with caution
  • Eat gingko bilobas in moderation as too much is poisonous