Ingredient Name:  Chrysanthemums, Mums, Chrysanths

Traditional Chinese Name: 菊花 (jú huā)

What is this?

  • A perennial flower plant that has many variations (different colours such as white, pinks, yellows) in various shapes and sizes
  • First cultivated in China for herbal properties
  • Used in teas, drinks, desserts and various other Chinese dishes
  • Often purchased dried for consumption
  • Has a very distinct taste and scent

How do I prepare it?

  • Rinse in warm water but don’t soak as this will start bringing out the flavours of the flower
  • Add immediately to boiling water or hot water for teas

Where can I buy this?

  • This is available in most Asian supermarkets as prepackages
  • Also available in Chinese herbals stores
  • You can purchase Chrysanthemum tea bags in Western Supermarkets

What is the cost

  • 1 medium-sized bag cost $6 HKD
  • Extremely affordable

Any benefits?

  • Said to be a cooling food
  • Can help reduce acne (cool the skin and body)
  • Aids in digestion and is often taken with meals
  • Also said to be be helpful in curing blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, heart colic and arteriosclerosis

Any precautions?

  • Not be consumed by women who are pregnant – especially in first trimester as it’s a cooling food