Ingredient Name: Fresh Chinese Yam, Nagaimo, Yamaimo, Japanese Mountain Yam,  Korean Yam, Dioscorea Opposita

How do I prepare it?

Where can I buy this?

What is the cost?

  • Chinese yam costs around $1.50 CAD for 2 medium sized roots

Any benefits?

  • It is often used in combination with meats and other Chinese herbs to help digestion and regular sugar levels
  • Traditionally it is used to relieve stomach pains and diarrhea
  • When boiled with chicken and a variety of other Chinese herbs, it is an ideal confinement soup as it helps control inflammation of the uterus

Any precautions?

  • For some people, touching raw Chinese Yam will make their hands itchy – be sure to wear gloves as you peel the skin, wash and prep the root
  • Excess consumption is known to cause frequent urination and perspiration

Additional Information?