The journey for Chinese Confinement #7 started about 4 days ago.

This page is about Chinese Confinement in the early days.¬†True “body-recovering” doesn’t actually happen until past days 10-12. That’s when you take out the heavy artillery. For now, the first 10-12 days (some say 8-10) should be light, mild and “taking it easy”. This doesn’t mean you can eat “cooling foods” or take showers and let your hair to air dry, it means your diet is light. From various sources at the wet mart and Chinese herbalists, the advice is to drink these light teas and lay off the power herbs.

I will continue to add as I learn more here, but here’s a start.

You can also read forward to prepare for Chinese Confinement: The Final Days (Day 13-30).


Chinese Confinement drinks, teas & soups (for the early days):


Chinese Confinement foods and snacks (for the early days):