Ingredient Name: Chili peppers, chilli, or chili

Traditional Chinese Name:辣椒 (Làjiāo)

What is this?

  • A small, long red vegetable with a green stem
  • It is the fruit of plant from the genus Capsicum
  • Used in a variety of cuisines (Mexican, Asian, African, Indian)
  • There are a large variety of chili pepper cultivated, each with a different “spicy” factor

How do I prepare it?

  • Be sure to purchase peppers that are firm to the touch and the skin is smooth (wrinkled peppers are less intense in flavors)
  • Rinse in warm water and use
  • For more intense flavor and hotness, cut up or chop the chili peppers

Where can I buy this?

  • Available in most supermarkets

What is the cost?

  • It is very affordable, coming in at a few dollars for a package of a few

Any benefits?

  • Yellow or red peppers contain a large amount of Vitamin C
  • All peppers are a good source of Vitamin B, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron

Any precautions?

  • Take caution when handling chili peppers as the peppers contain oils that can irritate the skin or eyes
  • It is said that a high consumption of chili can cause stomach problems (stomach reflux or cancer)
  • Should not be eaten whole (risk to bowel obstruction or perforation)

Additional Information:

  • Store in an air-tight container or bag for up to two weeks in the fridge
  • Avoid freezing peppers