Ingredient Name:  Beef Brisket
Traditional Chinese Name:   
What is this?
  • Part of the beef that is from the breast or lower chest
  • It is a very versitile meat and is used in various methods of cooking

How do I prepare it?

  • To prepare, wash first before cooking or marinating
  • You may need to cut up into pieces if you’ve purchased it by the pound

Where can I buy this?

  • You can buy this in any supermarket
  • In Asian supermarkets, you can purchase them by the weight and cut

What is the cost?

  • On average, it costs around $4 – $6 dollars CAD / pound

Any benefits?

  • Lean beef is an important source of 12 essential nutrients including high quality protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins

Any precautions?

  • Be sure to remove excess fat
  • Many believe that organic beef is best as there are no growth hormones and antibiotics, which can potentially make you sick if there is over consumption of beef

Beef is good.  In moderation.  There are a variety of usages for beef, but in general, beef shank and ox-tail are the most common cuts of beef used in Chinese soups.